about me

After finishing my apprenticeship as IT-Specialist (system integration) in August 2000, I started working as web application developer in the GEDOS GmbH Web team in Würzburg, Germany. GEDOS GmbH was later renamed to is:energy GmbH, E.ON IS GmbH and in 2012 to E.ON IT GmbH.

As part of the development team, project leader of small and mid-sized projects, and senior developer and software architect, I was involved in the implementation of many intranet and internet applications. Further I was contributing to the E.ON development guidelines for web applications.

Starting in September 2012 I began working as a freelancer for a variety of customers. Covering consulting, software architecture, software development and project management tasks in content management or ecommerce based projects.

In addition to my work as a freelance developer and software architect, I started as assistant professor at the Hochschule Furtwangen in October 2016, holding a seminar on modular software development with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

With over 20 years of experience in PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript in small, medium and large projects, I am sure I can help you with your project as well.

If you want to know more about my work, feel free to browse my articles or have a look at my open source projects.


In my job I'm focused on PHP as a server-side language.

I use various technologies and tools to create state-of-the-art web applications:

  • I have been building small, medium and large web application based on ZendFramework for many years.
  • Doctrine and Symfony are other frameworks in my toolbox.
  • I know my way around network technologies and know how to use Apache, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, redis and SOLR in enterprise applications.
  • Wordpress and Magento are my weapon of choice to build ecommerce and content managment systems.
  • HTML - I know HTML, of course and use Pug to generate HTML Code effectively.
  • CSS - CSS3 and LESS in combination with OOCSS, BEM and ITCSS provide the concepts for generating high quality css code.
  • JavaScript - I worked a lot with jQuery. But i have worked with other frameworks and libraries (Dojo, extJs) as well. I also advocate Scaleable Javascript Application Architecture and have implemented my own implementation.
  • fractal as pattern library and documentation tool, Node.js and Gulp, as build tools, complete my frontend development environment. *

I know how to use debugging tools and PHP Unit. I use Git for version control, PHPStorm and Composer are also essential parts of my daily work.


I host my projects on a private Gitlab installation. The usage of services like Github, Bitbucket or others, does not meet the license agreements necessary for hosting projects for customers as these are aiming for OpenSource projects. Gitlab Community Edition is an OpenSource software which i use to mangage my projects and collaborate with my customers. It provides a usefull platform with important features like bug tracking and wiki for documentation.

Please understand that as most of my work is beeing payed for, but there are a few public repositories available, too. I will grant access to your projects after you sign up.


Dirk Benkert
Gilgenmatten 30
79114 Freiburg im Breisgau

Phone: +49 (761) 888-60-227
Mobile: +49 (151) 571-23-355
Steuernummer: 06014/45330